Have you had enough of ‘faddy’ diets? Fed up with not being able to lose the weight no matter what you try? Find it difficult to eat regularly due to lifestyle? Maintaining a balanced diet is half the battle won and combined with a personalised fitness program can yield the results you are looking for.


Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand, you won’t get fit and healthy purely by eating a well balanced diet, just as you won’t lose weight successfully by doing purely physical exercise.

Due to the fact that not only am I a qualified Personal Trainer but also a qualified Nutrition For Weight Management Consultant, I am able to provide sound nutritional advice that fits in around your training schedule and lifestyle as part of the Personal Training package

I will give you the knowledge and support to help you to adopt an enjoyable, fulfilling eating plan that will bring you the results you are looking for, as well as increasing energy levels and general well being.

I will take the time to find out about your lifestyle, health and diet and advise on small, weekly changes to guide you down the path of healthy eating.

It’s important to remember that healthy diet doesn’t equal bland, boring food and you don’t have to stop eating the foods you enjoy ( I certainly don’t!!!), just eat them in moderation as part of the balanced diet.

Nutrition for
Weight Management Sessions


I am also able to provide a more in-depth nutrition course for those of you who want to learn in greater detail how to change your eating lifestyle for the better.

The course involves weekly meetings to discuss all the aspects of nutrition and how to apply them to your daily life.

Please email me using:

if you would like more information (This course can only be run for groups of 5 or more).